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Quality Trim was founded in 1988 and in this short period of time has become one of the country's leading suppliers of custom specialty trims. Over the years Quality Trim has shipped millions of square feet of materials transformed into custom trims.

Quality Trim offers the most extensive line of custom trims available. Our customers have determined that it's more cost efficient from a labor and material standpoint for Quality Trim to develop and manufacture their products for them. The staff members at Quality Trim are service-oriented and will personnaly assist in the design, engineering and specifications of your product's requirements. We can manufacture your item using your materials (leathers, vinyls, fabrics, and urethanes) or we can supply material for your product designs.

Quality Trim has manufactured trims for customers ranging from small shops to the largest manufacturers. Our ability to serve both extremes is a testament to our dedication to quality and service.

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