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Thermal Sealing / Heat Sealing - Is the Process of combining , compressing, and cutting out materials using high frequency welding. The advantages of this process include simulated folded edges, stitch marks, impressions, and cut-outs that give production consistencies. Three-dimensional effects can be produced with the addition of internal foam.

Boot Collars - Can be hand folded, thermal sealed or in continuous length. They can have various densities of foam with different combinations of materials and stitching.

Hydems - Come in different sizes and can have cords or nylon tapes applied within.

Hat Bands and Back Straps - Can be plain or decorative with buckles.

Tassels - Can have different sizes and shapes and can be produced attached or loose.

Fringe - Can have varying widths and lengths of strips and come in any size.

Covered Elastic Gores - Consist of stretchable elastic which is covered with material while still maintaining its characteristics. They can be manufactured round or flat, in any width and have various percentages of stretch. The material is combined using cement, zig zag stitching straight stitching, or a combination of the above.

Hair / Shoe Bows - Can have a variety of ideas applied to them.

Beltings - Can be Produced to meet your design and applications.

Box and Side Pleating - Various widths of ribbons and materials can be stitched.

Contract Work - Slitting, Cutting, and Hand Labor available.

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