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Are lengths of material of various sizes and shapes to hold, support, and carry products.
  1. Double Fold to Center (Butt Fold) - A flat strap with a closed seam in the back.
  2. Full Single Fold - A folded strap with two raw edges joining on one side.
  3. Quad Fold - The edges are folded first and a single fold closses the strap.
  4. Back to Back - Two pieces of material, both raw edged, positioned closely on top of one another and combined by gluing, stitching, or both.
  5. Tri Fold - A durable strap with three layers of material, leaving a raw edge on one side.
  6. Double Fold to Center with Lining - A flat strap with a closed seam in the back which is covered by a raw edge lining stitched and/or cemented to the strap.
  7. Quad Fold with Cord - The edges are folded first, then a cord is applied while stitching closes the strap with a single fold.
    Reinforcement tapes biased to string nylon and cotton can be applied in various widths and locations. Stitching can be applied on one or both edges or down the center of the straps. Fillers can be used to build thickness and body to straps. Various stitching and perf underlay treatments can be applied.

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